Dec 092011

We now have a selection of wonderful puppets from the Folkmanis company available to buy. These include some more exotic and  unusual items such as a spider puppet, a snake puppet and a gorgeous chameleon puppet. We are sure that you will be extremely impressed with the quality and detail of these beautifully crafted puppets.

Folkmanis tarantula spider puppet

The exotic tarantula spider hand puppet from Folkmanis Puppets


Folkmanis puppets are not widely available in retail shops in the UK, even though they are often considered to be the premier and most innovative manufacturer of plush puppets worldwide,  so we are very pleased to be able to offer this selection of Folkmanis puppets at our Northwich toyshop.

Dec 042011

Co-inciding with the release of the film Happy Feet Two, we have in stock a fabulous new line of plush penguin soft toys which are sure to be a hit.

Large penguin plush toy by Melissa and Doug

One of the large plush penguins from Melissa and Doug on display at our toy shop in Northwich Indoor Market.

Just shy of two feet tall, these penguins are firm enough to stand up on their own whilst still being cuddly and huggable. They even get used by some children as pillows. These are certain to be very popular, and would make an ideal Christmas present.

These realistic looking plush penguins are of a very high quality, part of the Melissa and Doug range. We always aim to provide good value for money, use the search box to the right to compare our prices with Amazon’s.

Dec 042011
Melissa and Doug large plush dragon soft toy

Large plush dragon soft toy from Melissa and Doug.

It’s coming up to Christmas, and we have a fabulous selection of dragon puppets and plush dragon soft toys. These would make superb Christmas presents.

Our range in stock at the moment includes a variety of styles, sizes  and colours of dragons from Folkmanis Puppets, Melissa and Doug and The Puppet Company. So visit the dragons’ lair, if you dare!

Blue dragon puppet by Folkmanis

Blue dragon puppet, one of the Folkmanis dragon puppets range.




Don’t forget, you can buy from our retail outlet, Bags of Creativity, in the centre of Northwich Indoor Market Hall, or alternatively you can buy online from  our ebay shop or our main Bags of Creativity website.

Nov 302011

A new delivery of our very popular chimpanzee glove puppets is due any time. These beautiful puppets from The Puppet Company are our best-selling line. We shall also be getting more of the superb orangutan glove puppets in stock this week.

Large chimpanzee full body glove puppet

The wonderful chimpanzee puppet from The Puppet Company


The full body chimpanzee glove puppets and orangutan glove puppets have now arrived. These are sure to be very popular Christmas presents. They are 75cm tall, have lovely soft fur and as you can see, come with their own banana!

Nov 302011

Our new stock of supersized stuffed animals has arrived. As well as restocking the giant tigers, giraffes, dragons, Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs and turtles, we now have a huge plush lion (75 inches long including tail!) , penguins and three different breeds of dog : chihuahua, pug and bulldog.

Large plush stuffed lion

Giant stuffed lion from Melissa and Doug.

Along with their outsize features, all these soft animals are of the outstanding quality you would expect from the respected Melissa and Doug brand.