Dec 162011

This Saturday, 17th December, we will be having a stall in the Weaver Square shopping area, just outside the Northwich Indoor Market Hall entrance. There will be lots of Christmas goodies to buy, ideal for last minute presents. We have a new stock of stocking filler toys and presents, as well as our usual range of high quality puppets and plush toys.

The large plush toy animals have proved to be a huge hit, many of them selling out quickly, but stocks have been replenished and we will have these very popular toys, such as stuffed dragons, dinosaurs and large tigers on sale on Saturday, as well as some new lines from Melissa and Doug.

Also available to buy will be beautiful plush penguins with chicks, as well as the large stuffed penguin toys. They should feel very much at home if the weather stays the same as it is now!

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